» Publication Years » 2005

Scheibel, T., Serpell L

Methods to study fibril formation

In: J. Buchner & T. Kiefhaber (eds.):Handbook of protein folding Vol. II, pp. 193-249 Wiley VHC, Weinheim

Scheibel, T.,

Protein fibers as performance proteins: new technologies and applications

Curr. Opin. Biotech. 16, 427-433

Scheibel, T., Junger A, Kaufmann D

Biosynthesis of an elastin-mimetic polypeptide with two different chemical functional groups within the repetitive elastin fragment

Macromol. Biosciences 5, 494-501

Scheibel, T., Zbilut J.P, Huemmerich D, Webber C.L , Colafranceschi M, Giuliani A

Spatial stochastic resonance in protein hydrophobicity

Phys. Lett. A 346, 33-41

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