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Haynl, C., Vongsvivut, J., Mayer, K., Bargel, H., Neubauer, V., Tobin, M., Elgar, M. & Scheibel, T.

Free‑standing spider silk webs of the thomisid Saccodomus formivorus are made of composites comprising micro‑ and submicron fibers

Scientific Report, online Oct. 2020

Müller, F., Jokisch, S., Bargel, H. & Scheibel, T.

Centrifugal Electrospinning Enables the Production of Meshes of Ultrathin Polymer Fibers

ASC Applied Polymer Materials, online Oct. 2020

Kumari, S., Lang, G., DeSimone, E., Spengler, C., Trossmann, V., Lücker, S., Hudel , M., Jacobs, K., Krämer, N. & Scheibel, T.

Data for microbe resistant engineered recombinant spider silk protein based 2D and 3D materials

Data in Brief, Vol. 32, Oct. 2020

Neubauer, V., Scheibel, T.

Spider Silk Fusion Proteins for Controlled Collagen Binding and Biomineralization

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2020 6 (10), 5599-5608

Hopfe, C., Ospina-Jara, B., Scheibel, T., Cabra-Garcia, J.

Ocrepeira klamt sp. n. (Araneae: Araneidae), a novel spider species from an Andean pa´ramo in Colombia


Kumari, S., Lang, G., DeSimone, E., Spengler, C., Trossmann, V., Lücker, S., Hudel, M., Jacobs, K., Krämer, N., Scheibel, T.

Engineered spider silk-based 2D and 3D materials prevent microbial infestation

Mathilde Lefevre, Patrick Flammang , A. Sesilja Aranko , Markus B. Linder , Thomas Scheibel , Martin Humenik , Maxime Leclercq , Mathieu Surin , Lionel Tafforeau, Ruddy Wattiez, Philippe Leclère, Elise Hennebert

Sea star-inspired recombinant adhesive proteins self-assemble and adsorb on surfaces in aqueous environments to form cytocompatible coatings

Thomas Scheibel

Spider silk-based biomaterials: a new opportunity for product development in many industries

Weiss A. C. G., Herold H. M., Lentz S., Faria M., Besford Q. A., Ang C.-S., Caruso F., Scheibel T.

Surface modification of spider silk particles to direct biomolecular corona formation

Kramer J. P. M., Aigner T. B., Petzold J., Roshanbinfar K., Scheibel T., Engel F. B.

Recombinant spider silk protein eADF4(C16)-RGD coatings are suitable for cardiac tissue engineering

Mertgen A.-S., Trossmann V., Guex A., Maniura-Weber K., Scheibel T., Rottmar M.

Multifunctional biomaterials – Combining material modification strategies for engineering

ACS Appl. Mater. Interface, online first, 0c01893

Murugesan S., Scheibel T.

Copolymer clay nanocomposites for biomedical applications

Adv. Funct. Mater., online first, 1908101

Humenik M., Preiß T., Goedrich S., Papastavrou G., Scheibel T.

Functionalized DNA spider silk nanohydrogels for controlled protein binding and release

Materials Today Bio, 6, 100045

Aigner T. B., Haynl C., Salehi S., O'Connor A., Scheibel T.

Nerve guidance conduit design based on self-rolling tubes

Materials Today Bio, 5, 100042

Salehi S., Koeck K., Scheibel T.

Spider silk for tissue engineering applications

Molecules, 25, 737-757

Fratzl P., Jacobs K., Möller M., Scheibel T., Sternberg K.

Material Science – Inspired by Nature

acatech Diskussion, 2020

Bruns N., Scheibel T.

Biomimetic Polymers – Editorial

Europ. Polym. J., 122, 109370

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