» Publication Years » 2021

Strassburg, S., Mayer, K. & Scheibel, T.

Functionalization of biopolymer fibers with magnetic nanoparticles

Physical Sciences, online Jan. 21

Neubauer, V., Kellner, Ch., Gruen, V., Schenk, A. & Scheibel, T.

Recombinant major ampullate spidroin-particles as biotemplates for manganese carbonate mineralization

Multifunct. Materials, 2021, 4 014002

Neubauer, V., Döbl, A. & Scheibel, T.

Silk-based materials for hard tissue engineering

Materials, 2021, 14 (3), 674

Saric, M., Eisoldt, L., Döring, V. & Scheibel, T.

Interplay of different Major Ampullate spidroins during assembly and implications for fiber mechanics

Advanced Materials, online Jan. 2021

Hofmaier, M., Urban, B., Lentz, S., Borkner, C., Scheibel, T., Fery, A. & Müller, M.

Dichroic Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy characterization of the β-sheet orientation in spider silk films on silicon substrates

Journal of Physical Chemystry, online Jan. 2021

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