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Wang Y., Stanzel M., Gumbrecht W., Humenik M., Sprinzl M.

Esterase 2-oligodeoxynucleotide conjugates as sensitive reporter for electrochemical detection of nucleic acid hybridization

Biosens.Bioelectron. 22, 1798-1806

Scheibel T., Vendrely C.

Mammalian Versus Yeast Prions – Biophysical Insights in Structure and Assembly Mechanisms

Prions: New Res. pp. 251-284

Scheibel T., Buchner J.

Protein Aggregation as a Cause for Disease

Handb. Exp. Pharmacol. 199-219

Scheibel T.

Editorial: Silk–a biomaterial with several facets

Appl. Phys. A 82, 191-192

Huemmerich D., Slotta U., Scheibel T.

Processing and modification of films made from recombinant spider silk proteins

Appl. Phys. A 82, 219-222

Zbilut J P., Scheibel T., Huemmerich D., Webber C L., Colafranceschi M., Giuliani A.

Statistical approaches for investigating silk properties

App. Phy. A . 82, 2,  243–251

Junghans F., Morawietz M., Conrad U., Scheibel T., Heilmann A., Spohn U.

Preparation and mechanical properties of layers made of recombinant spider silk proteins and silk from silk worm

Appl. Phys. A. 82, 253-260

Rammensee S., Huemmerich D., Hermanson K., Scheibel T., Bausch A.

Rheological characterisation of recombinant spider silk nanofiber networks

Appl. Phys. A 82, 261-264

Slotta U., Tammer M., Kremer F., Koelsch P., Scheibel T.

Structural analysis of films cast from recombinant spider silk proteins

Supramol. Chem. 18, 465-471

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