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Humenik M., Poehlmann C., Wang Y., Sprinzl M.

Enhancement of Electrochemical Signal on Gold Electrodes by Polyvalent Esterase-Dendrimer Clusters

Bioconjug.Chem. 19, 2456-2461

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Molecular design of performance proteins with repetitive sequences: Recombinant flagelliform spider silk as basis for biomaterials

Methods. Mol. Biol. 474, 3-14.

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Proteins: Polymers of natural origin

In: J. Hu (Ed.), Recent Advances in Biomaterials Research, 1-22

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Spinnenseidenproteine als pharmazeutischer Hilfsstoff

Dtsch. Apoth. Ztg. 48, 29.

Römer L., Scheibel T.

Spinnen wie die Spinnen

Nachrichten a. d. Chem. 56, 516-519

Hardy J., Römer L ., Scheibel T.

Polymeric materials based on silk proteins

Polymer 49, 4309-4327

Krammer C., Suhre M.H., Kremmer E., Diemer C., Hess S., Schätzl H.M., Scheibel T., Vorberg I.

Prion protein/protein interactions: Fusion with yeast Sup35p-NM modulates cytosolic PrP aggregation in mammalian cells

FASEB J. 22, 762-773

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Hydrophobic and Hofmeister effects on the adhesion of spider silk proteins onto solid substrates: An AFM-based single-molecule study

Langmuir 24, 1350-1355

Horinek D., Serr A., Geisler M., Pirzer T., Slotta U.K., Lud S.Q., Garrido J.A., Scheibel T., Hugel T., Netz R.R.

Peptide adsorption on a hydrophobic surface results from an interplay of solvation, surface, and intrapeptide forces

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 105, 2842-2847

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Assembly mechanism of recombinant spider silk proteins

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 105, 6590-6595

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Processing conditions for spider silk microsphere formation

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An engineered spider silk protein forms microspheres

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Formulation of poorly water-soluble substances using self-assembling spider silk protein

Colloids Surf., A 331, 126-132

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