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HiWi job for polymer synthesis

29. August 2022 Tissue Engineering

2022_08 Aushang HiWi_Polymersynthese

Biomaterials at the University of Bayreuth and Biological Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences working together on bioadhesives

9. September 2021


Vorbild Köcherfliege: Forscher wollen Biokleber herstellen

9. September 2021

https://www.zeit.de/news/2021-09/08/vorbild-koecherfliege-forscher-wollen-biokleber-herstellen?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F   https://www.sueddeutsche.de/bayern/forschung-bayreuth-vorbild-koecherfliege-forscher-wollen-biokleber-herstellen-dpa.urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-210908-99-142576

Biofabrication MOOC on edX

6. May 2021

https://www.edx.org/course/biofabrication?utm_medium=partner-marketing&utm_source=referral&utm_campaign=bayreuthx&utm_content=profnetwork-enrollment-biofabrication-may2021 course teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ad5kZ6r5vM course trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YwPZmKdLec   press release: https://www.uni-bayreuth.de/de/universitaet/presse/pressemitteilungen/2021/057-mooc-biofabrication/index.html

New edX MOOC course Biomaterials & Biofabrication

16. April 2021

Watch out for the teaser of the new Bayreuth edX MOOC course Biomaterials & Biofabrication with Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel & Team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ad5kZ6r5vM

Network of Excellence project “Function by Design: Cellular Hybrids” granted for UBT

14. April 2021

The UBT has been awarded funding for the Bavarian Network of Excellence project “Function by Design: Cellular Hybrids” on the topic of biomaterials, together with the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg (JMU). Professor Thomas Scheibel from the Department of Biomaterials is the spokesperson of this network. The project is part of an 32 Mio EUR […]

Summer semester 2021 teaching has started

12. April 2021

Welcome (back) to Summer semester 2021 @UBT, teaching started this week. Due to COVID-19, most courses and classes are held online, see eLearning UBT for course details.

We welcome our new lab member Xuen Ng

1. October 2020 Biofabrication

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