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We are using various methods: 

(* measurements for collaboration partners or companies possible!)



AF4*: Asymmetric Field Flow Fractionation incl. DLS-Detector

FPLC*: Purification of proteins

HPLC*: Analytical liquid chromatography



Automated Fermenter*: E. coli – 2,5L, 5L, 30L | Picchia pastoris – 2,5L

Cell break-up*: Crossflow, homogenisator, ball mill



AFM: Atomic force microscopy

Light microscopy* | Fluorescence microscopy* | Confocal microscopy* | TIRF microscopy*

SEM*: Low-Vacuum Scanning electron microscopy incl. SerialBlockface-Imaging (SBF)

SEM/ESEM: Scanning electron microscopy incl. cryo stage, EDX, WDX

TEM: Transmission electron microscopy incl. cryo stage


Physico-chemical analysis

DSC*: Differential scanning calorimetry

DMTA*: Dynamic mechanical thermoanalysis

Surface characterization: BET method, profilometer

Permeation measurements

Universal test machine for mN-loads*: Static/dynamic tension and compression


Nanoindenter test


TGA*: Thermogravimetric analysis


Probe treatment and processing

Organic synthesis*

Spinning methods*: Electro-spinning, wet-spinning, biomimetic spinning

3D-Printing*: Bioprinting

Coating methods*: Dip coating, thin-film coating

Film casting*


Molecular biology

Host engineering*

Molecular cloning*

Screening*: Genes, proteins


Cell culture*




Fluorescence Spectroskopy*

FT-IR*: Reflexion and transmission microscope, ATR, Fluid cell, polarisation

Laser diffraction spectrometry

Mass spectrometry


Raman spectroscopy

SAXS, WAXS, Synchrotron: X-ray diffraction analysis

UV-VIS spectroscopy*

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