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The department of Biomaterials is hiring…

  student assistants, starting January 2021

 as part of a project about the relationship between ecology & phylogeny of spiders and the structure & tensile properties of silks.


Tasks include measuring fibres using microscopy and performing tensile tests.


As spider silk is fragile and thin, you have to have patience for handling it. A steady hand is a prerequisite. If you show interest for the project and have some knowledge about biochemical structural analysis and/or molecular biology a possibility for continuing the project as a research project exists.


The workload is at least 8 hours per week, however it can be expanded to 20 hours if interest exists. Date of start and end are flexible, however the earliest start is January 2021 for a maximum of 6 months.


Write to: info@bm.uni-bayreuth.de  or: Charlotte Hopfe (charlotte.hopfe@bm.uni-bayreuth.de)





General Job Descriptions


A post-doc position is an important step after the PhD for the subsequent scientific curriculum and a major part of the work at our chair. Post-docs should generally be supported by grants at least for part of the time that they spend at the chair. We are happy to provide individual assistance in seeking and applying for grants.


A PhD is an important step within ones personal scientific education. Applicants for a PhD must have successfully completed a course of studies in one of engineering or life sciences. Salaries are paid according to TV-L or via a grant of similar amount.

Bachelor & Master Theses

We offer various topics for Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses for engineers and natural scientists. In each case, a research project is to be conducted under supervision. The duration is 12 weeks for bachelor theses and 6 months for master and diploma theses.

Research Modules

We offer year-round individually supervised research internships and term papers for students of engineering and natural sciences. The work is usually integrated into an ongoing research project of a doctoral student or post-doc.

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